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Greenidge challenging for post of NUPW president

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Greenidge challenging for post of NUPW president

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THE NATIONAL UNION of Public Workers (NUPW) elections will soon be held and current deputy general-treasurer Roy Greenidge has thrown his hat in the ring for president.

Greenidge submitted his application to the NUPW headquarters with five others who will be under the banner of “Team Solidarity” today.

He said the group of individuals who were contesting the posts of president, first vice-president, second vice-president and third vice-president, treasurer and deputy treasurer had joined the race for different reasons, but they shared a common goal.

“We are here to bring back respect to the union. Over the years we have felt that we have lost some of the respect for the trade union movement,” Greenidge told the NATION ONLINE.

The immigration officer also noted they wanted to strengthen the NUPW’s dialogue as it relates to the social partnership and use the tools available to them in the case of industrial relations.

“Instead of trying to fight the battle on your own, we are part of an umbrella body and there are protocols we can use to strengthen our cases for membership,” he said.

The NUPW elections will be held on April 5. (AD)