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Hard for students to get loans now


Hard for students to get loans now

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REMEMBER THE GOVERNMENT announced that students would have to pay tuition fees at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus almost four years ago?

Then the Minister of Education said on television that students could access funding to go to university from the Student Revolving Loan Fund and that the Government would relax the surety requirements.

Well, that is a joke because the Student Revolving Loan Fund just made things more difficult from this coming academic year 2017/2018 by making all student loans subject to the applicant putting sureties in place.

This is difficult for young people and parents, because nobody in these hard and uncertain times will want to stand as surety for people.

Also, the fund has reduced the limit that people can borrow by 20 per cent, and then they told me that for any shortfall between my university fees and expenses, and the amount I am borrowing, I must show the fund “upfront”, how I am going to finance the shortfall.

Reducing access

These measures by the Student Revolving Loan Fund are in place and they are reducing my access to a university education by reducing the ease of my access to funding.

What are young people like me going to do to become educated and productive in my country?

It seems the Government, very quietly, has instructed the fund to put these hard measures in place, and said nothing about it to the people in this country. And then they want people to vote for them again when the election comes.

Fat chance!

We young people are not stupid and we don’t forget like the ones years ago.

We are experiencing hardship and want a tertiary education just like those in office.