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ZR driver and conductor injured in altercation


ZR driver and conductor injured in altercation

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AN ALTERCATION BETWEEN a route taxi driver and a conductor has led police to caution people about taking the law into their own hands.

Police public relations officer Inspector Roland Cobbler said the incident along University Hill, St Michael resulted from an accident involving ZR131 and ZR26.

He said preliminary investigations revealed that ZR131 was parked at the bus layby picking up passengers when ZR26 collided with it.

No one was injured in the collision.

However, a physical altercation ensued between the driver of ZR131 Swayne Browne and ZR26 conductor Tony Smith.

Browne, 34, of Marshall Land, Bank Hall, St Michael received facial injuries while Smith, 29, of Silver Hill, Christ Church received lacerations to his head and right hand.

“Based on the nature of the injuries, both parties were warned of intended prosecution by the police and were allowed to seek medical attention.

“Police are advising persons against taking the law into their own hands as it is likely to result in adverse consequences,” Cobbler said. (PR/NB)