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MAVIS BECKLES: Storms nevah last, they pass


MAVIS BECKLES: Storms nevah  last, they pass

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ONLY LAST WEEK I write ’bout the way how some people does drive pon the roads nowadays and between then and now, I cahn count the amount o’ accidents duh had.

Not all o’ dem was bad, but nevertheless duh was accidents dat caused a lot o’ disruptions and delays pon the road and caused a lot o’ people tuh get hurt.

Sometimes I have tuh ask myself what it is dat causing people tuh get on like duh ain’t thinking like sensible people any more. I ain’t know if it is the lot o’ stress dat coming from the uncertainty o’ the way things gine in Barbados ’cause look, that alone is stress. But still ya cahn allow dat tuh cloud ya vision and focus. Ya still gotta keep ya head on and remember dat it ain’t only you who gine through the struggles – all o’ we in the same barrel. Some even deeper than some.

Look, it might seem like we in Barbados in a real mess; the worst mess dat we have evah been in. It might even be true but we gine get out. It cahn be always so; nothing is forevah. There’s a time fuh evah single thing under the sun. Barbados has always boasted of having good sensible governments; not perfect but sensible enough tuh keep we head above the water while a lot o’ other places was struggling and even went under.

We have always pride weselves in a good education system, good roads, good structures and strong governments among other things. We have always seen ourselves as the gem of the Caribbean sea and we still is but things a li’l shaky now.

So, instead o’ letting it get tuh ya head and ya start buckling under the pressure, we gotta keep we heads on and do the right thing. Evahbody cahn get on like duh mad as hell and do a bundle o’ foolishness. What would happen tuh the children dat looking up tuh we? We gotta keep hope alive fuh dem.

One o’ the things we have tuh do is tuh first turn back tuh the one thing dat the old folks turn tuh, and dat is God, the Almighty. When man cahn fix it, He is the only body who can. We old people is who keep we head above the water, not only praying and believing. Dem is the ones who used tuh wuk hard and do wid wha’ little duh had.

Dem used tuh wuk hard day in and day out in the fields tuh put food pon the table so duh children could go tuh school and get a good education. Look at all the lot o’ big lawyers duh got ’bout here now. Dem is the ones who mek ends meet when duh aint even had nuh ends tuh meet. Dem is the ones who was resilient; and dat is what we have tuh be now. Resilient!

Of course, we got things hard now and I hear people talking ’bout how some more people stan’ tuh lose duh li’l pick soon too. But instead o’ looking at the glass half-empty, we gotta see it as half- full and find a way tuh full it back up. Ya does hear people saying because things the way they are, it is wha’ got the young men shooting and killing one another so.

Dat ain’t nuh true at all; people did killing one another evah since, it is only now dat duh doing it wid guns but duh got people who would shoot and kill anybody, once duh got something dat dem want. Times doan even have tuh hard like now.

But all o’ this should teach we tuh drop we pride and get right back in tuh dah garden and grow some food and if ya want tuh eat chicken, forget the taste from the fast food places. And ya see all o’ dem lot o’ yard fowls dat walking ’bout even in the gas stations and getting kill all ovah the place, ya cahn say Mavis ain’t tell wunna nutten.

Doan wait till evahbody snap dem up; try and get a few good pieces o’ lumber and instead o’ building all o’ the elaborate dog kennels fuh the special dogs, try and build a few chicken cubs and raise some chickens, hear?

Stop getting worked up and letting the stress cause wunna tuh do all kinds o’ foolishness when the days come.

Ya cahn do nutten ’bout it. This too shall pass.

• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.