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Man loses all in fire


Man loses all in fire

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IT WASN’T A good Friday for Grafton Goodridge.

The 61-year-old was forced to run out of his house at Lower Carlton, St James, in the early hours of yesterday morning, when a raging fire razed the structure.

A neighbouring house was also damaged, along with a natural gas meter and a Barbados Water Authority meter.

“I was in the house sleeping and I heard a man call out to me, to get out of the house because it burning, and I got up and ran outside as fast as I could, and now I realise that I lost everything in the fire, including my identification card,” he told the SATURDAY SUN.

Goodridge, a former security guard, said that the house belonged to his mother, who is deceased. “I am thankful to be alive,” he added.

Neighbour Maravine Williams was clueless the fired had even occurred. “I slept through the whole thing and I didn’t realise that a fire had occurred in front of me and as a result, my natural gas is off, because the fire damaged the meter and I had to borrow an electric kettle to make tea,”
she said. (RL)