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‘Waterford U’ under threat


‘Waterford U’ under threat

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The harmful effects of the current experiences on that school will be seen five to seven years hence.

Meanwhile, it seems as though there is no end to the systematic efforts to destroy “Waterford University” (I have been reliably informed that this name was given to the school by a Lower Sixth student – LC – in 1958).

The name of the school for which the SBAs were not corrected is no secret. A PTA officer of that school gave that information in the electronic media. Minister of Education Ronald Jones recently stated that the non-correction of SBAs would or could not have occurred at Harrison College, Queen’s College or The St Michael School.

In the NATION newspaper (March 21, 2017), Mary Redman challenged the minister’s claim that hand towels and torn exercise book leaves had been found blocking the drains. According to her, the “team of experts” had not seen any “pictures”of the evidence.

Mr Editor, why “pictures”? Has the “evidence” been destroyed or is it lost? This is a police matter. I call on the minister of education to make a clear and unequivocal statement on the status of the Combermere problem supported by evidence.

It seems to me that a comprehensive inquiry into all aspects of Combermere School is needed. It should be entrusted to persons from outside of Barbados and, if possible, from outside of the Caribbean.

The Combermere issue needs to be or resolved before the beginning of the 2017-2018 academic year.