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DEAR CHRISTINE: Parents not in favour of fiancé


DEAR CHRISTINE: Parents not in favour of fiancé

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DEAR CHRISTINE, I am 22 years old and plan to get married at year-end, but my parents are against it. My father is the stubborn one, but my mother goes along with what he says.

They want me to marry some collar-and-tie guy because I was educated at . . . and did very well.

My boyfriend is a mechanic. He does very well by the things he does, which include a bit of spray-painting. He is a jack of all trades. It is his own little business but it is growing gradually.

He works late most evenings and it is only at weekends that we can go out, but my father is never satisfied when we come in. It is always too late for him. He also likes to drop mean and nasty remarks and my boyfriend notices this.

He wants us to get married sooner but I do not want to hurt my parents as I am an only child and we have always lived close together. What do you suggest I do?

– G.H.

Dear G.H.,

However much you love your parents, you cannot always live to please them. There seems to be no real cause for them to object to your boyfriend, and if you are sure he is the right man for you, then you will have to be a little firmer and insist on spending the time with your boyfriend that the work permits.

It’s not fair to have the little recreation period you have curtailed because of your dad’s unreasonable objections.

Try to be as kind as possible in pointing out to them that you love this man and that he is worthy of your love, and even though you love and respect them, you cannot remain their little girl forever.