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Sinkhole has residents worried

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Sinkhole has residents worried

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RESIDENTS OF SEAVIEW, St Barnabas, St Michael, are concerned a sinkhole may injure people unaware of its existence, especially schoolchildren passing through the area.

“Last year when we had a lot of rain, this fall in. The MTW [Ministry of Transport and Works] came and fill it with marl but all of a sudden, it open again so we put down pallets to block it,” said Veronica Gittens.

She said schoolchildren who did not know better often stopped to pick mangoes from a nearby tree. She feared this could end in disaster one day.

“I’m afraid they may fall in and get hurt,” Gittens said.

Another neighbour, Dorothia Boyce, said she often chased schoolchildren away from the area but as the new school term was about to begin, she was afraid she would not be able to steer enough of them way from the possible danger.

Boyce also pointed out the instability of a nearby well. She said it was clear that the steel strengthening it had rusted and the whole thing might collapse soon. (CA)