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Colorz band double trouble


Colorz band double trouble

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SEVENTEEN HUNDRED REVELLERS in two bands is what Colorz Entertainment is aiming to have this Crop Over, says bandleader Bryan Worrell.

He told WEEKEND BUZZ that they will be painting Foreday Mornin’ with plenty colour in the band titled Soca & Paint.

“We’re catering for 1 000 people for Foreday Mornin’. There are four sections: Flora, Cosmos, Splash and Feh and we have a couple sections (Splash and Cosmo) that are almost sold out,” he said.

Exotica is the theme for the Grand Kadooment band which we are catering for 700 people. There are six sections, two more than last year. There are two new designers – Vicky Murphy from Brooklyn, New York who designed the Love Bird section and Latoya Als from Toronto who designed the Macaw section. I did four sections: Peacock, Starling, Phoenix and Parrot,” he said.

Worrell noted that their Norman Centre band house opened on Tuesday this week and their strategy of starting early has also allowed Colorz to secure sponsorship, which assists with putting bands on the road. He added that what he would like to see is companies having their meetings to discuss sponsorship requests earlier so they can determine whether they would be working with the bands or not, and therefore respond with a “yes or no” sooner. This, he stated, would allow those making the requests to plan better.

Asked about the cost of his costumes, he said that they have kept the prices reasonable so that people can jump.

“What we’re aiming to do again for Crop Over is bring a premium band with reasonable prices and try to incorporate people that otherwise won’t be able to jump; that’s the whole idea. We’re working towards a BDS$900 or less type band where the front line averages around $900 and under which is very competitive compared to some of the other prices. As usual we would try to deliver that premium service drinks and the extras that our members got accustomed to over the years.

“We also have the combo discount that we had last year which people took full advantage of. If you are jumping for both Foreday and Kadooment you would get a discount, excluding Love Bird and Macaw,” said the bandleader.

“We have a lot more options this year – halter tops, low rise and high rise panties (bottoms) padded bras, two different styles of whole pieces, cold shoulder and halter tops. So, we tried to extend the selections from what people can choose from and the price range is still pretty competitive for Foreday,” Worrell said. (GBM)