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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Sugar industry in need of funding


OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Sugar industry in need of funding

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And which of you being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life. And why are you anxious about clothing? consider the lilies in the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin. – Matthews 6: 27-28. 

HOW WAS YOUR EASTER and the Easter holiday on the whole? Did you have a good and enjoyable one? Well, I had a beautiful one. It was very Spirit-filled and I was very pleased to see the long trucks on the ABC highway on Saturday, the day after Good Friday, taking the canes to Portvale Sugar Factory in St James.

That meant that the factory took canes up to Thursday and stopped for Good Friday and restarted on Saturday, which was a good sign because it was something that I have been asking for many years. (I think it was also done in the 2016 sugar crop).

This action, rather than a long weekend break, is more than welcome, because the reaping of the sugar crop depends very much on the weather and it is very important that we reap as much of the crop when it is dry. Since the crop is a seasonal thing, it should be reaped every day, including Sundays.

The month of May is fast approaching and that is when the rainy season should begin.

This year we are very grateful, in that there have not been as many cane fires as in previous years.

We are talking a lot about productivity, and the Barbados Agricultural Management Company and the Barbados Sugar Industry Limited must be congratulated for taking a bold step in working on the Saturday after Good Friday.

What the sugar industry needs is finance. The industry is still owed money from the 2016 crop.

Are we really serious about agriculture in Barbados? I do not think so.