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Save jobs by cutting pay


Save jobs by cutting pay

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MANY ARE CALLING for cuts in the salary of civil servants. The latest is Sir Henry Fraser. He has said that a five per cent cut across the board is better than sending home 5 000 civil servants.

In the civil service it might call for wherever possible redeploying human resources in areas in which they are more competent; areas where they have the ability to function and use their skills and training; environments in which they have the ability, are more committed to do their duties and enjoy their jobs. Also giving them a more substantive status by appointing them in their posts.

This has positive implications for productivity increases, a popular hobby horse.

Work is a form of worshipping God when done as a service to your fellow man. No place is more ideal to justify this spiritual principle than in the Civil Service. It is not a case of easy work or status, but rendering a service to the customers, the taxpayers whose taxes pay them.

A word about prices. I indicated in a previous article some of the reasons prices are so high in Bim. In some cases the prices we pay are ridiculous, especially when you look at the differential in prices for the same item from one outlet to another.

Some companies control the whole market with certain brands, and they charge very high prices. No advertising is necessary.

You take it or leave it. It is okay for men like Sir Henry, but everyone has to live – the rich and the poor. There are two Barbadoses, as has been the case from our settlement in 1625.

Shoppers must seek bargains by shopping around and comparing prices. Those who have the income and taste can buy the more expensive items, designer shoes shirts and slacks. Those on fixed incomes should shop around, for foods and other essentials, so they can get bargains.

The amounts spent by on food those with lower incomes are considerably more than those with higher incomes.