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YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: No way to treat your own


YUH GAWH BE KIDDIN’: No way to treat your own

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I LOVE A BIRTHDAY do down here! Friends, music, beach, food and drinks all in one place. A friend uh mines – Suzie Lou – celebrated her birthday weekend gone, and the gift she received was a staycation at a lovely hotel.

Anyways, she get to the hotel now, and excitement in the air ’cause it all- inclusive and her friends were on their way to celebrate de birthday.

When yuh hear de shout now, she was informed that she was not allowed to have persons in her room that were not registered as guests because it was an-all inclusive package. Ok, no problem but then her friends couldn’t go to the bar and purchase drinks nor sit by the pool.

Li’l more if dem did pass air security woulda put dem out; the only thing they could do was sit in the lobby and talk to her, but not too loudly less they scare away the tourists. Explain this one to me: which business stops people from spending money with them?

Furthermore, I ain’t even understand the restrictions, causin’ last time I went on one of dese t’ings anyone was allowed in the room but they just couldn’t sleep, and they were more than welcome to purchase drinks at the bar. So at this point I was discombobulated beyond imagination.

To make matters worse, poor Suzie Lou was sick from the oysters she got from the same said hotel, to which a worker’s response was. “The doctor gone, so you would have to get someone to come and take you.” Muh ting, if you doubt me ask me.

Anyhow, a brand new day and all of us are in the lobby where the common folk were allowed, simply waiting to take Suzie Lou off the premises.

Suzie went to get a drink, asked for an excuse and passed through the lobby where some other guests were and said thank you on her return. Then all of a sudden this lady ease in like a secret agent, looked at Suzie with the look a mother would give a child that misbehaving in church and tell she, “Next time don’t walk through the guests, walk around.”

Then she ease back off calm. My blood start to boil and I had was to ask if Suzie wasn’t a guest as well. In my eyes this was the last straw. It tek every ounce of Jesus’ strength for me not to walk over to the lady and express my deep disappointment with her quality of customer service, which can only be described as non-existent. Why do we continue to mistreat our own?

• Toni Johnson is an actress versed in the area of comedy. Email: [email protected]