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MAVIS BECKLES: Good Fridays not the same


MAVIS BECKLES: Good Fridays not the same

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BUT LOOK AT HOW things could change, nuh? It seems like only yesterday when we used tuh look forward tuh the long Easter weekend.

It would seem dat more exciting things used tuh happen at Easter than at Christmas. Fuh one, the Friday was the most quiet day o’ the entire Easter weekend. After all, it was the time of year dat we celebrated the death of Jesus Christ, so it was solemn.

Most people, and I mean most people, used tuh go tuh church. Then actually evahbody, used tuh have on black or white clothes. Mourning clothes. Now, as if dat was all, it was the type o’ food duh say ya had tuh eat pon Good Friday: no meat whatsoevah, bare fish.

Tuh tell the truth, tuh this day I doan know why ya only could eat fish ’pon a Good Friday. But anyway, dat is what it was, in just the same way dat duh say ya couldn’t and shouldn’t go in the sea ’pon a Good Friday. Duh used tuh say ya would drown, so evahbody used tuh stan’ home and wait ’til the bank holiday.

Then evahbody used tuh anticipate the time tuh get close tuh a physic nut tree and when ya see minutes tuh twelve, all sorts o’ people, old and young, used tuh be there waiting wid a big-able knife tuh put a big slash in it tuh see this reddish liquid flow out of it.

Some people say dat duh used tuh see blood. I ain’t know. I cahn tell you dat I see blood but as I said, I used tuh see a pale reddish liquid coming out.

Then there was the fresh egg dat duh used tuh take out the yolk and drop it in water, and at the same twelve o’clock ya would see the image of a coffin, a ship or a plane.

I ain’t gine tell you nuh lie: I nevah see none of dat yet, even though I tried several times tuh be in time tuh see it. The old people used tuh say if ya see the ship or plane, ya gine travel, but if ya see the coffin, somebody gine dead.

Today a lot o’ dem things still ingrained in some people. I ain’t know ’bout the physic nut tree, ’cause I won’t know how one o’ dem look now if it was standing up right in front o’ me, hear wha’ I tell ya. But most older people still ain’t gine in the sea nor duh ain’t eating nuh kinda meat whatsoevah ’pon a Good Friday. But the young people couldn’t care less if um is good or bad Friday. Dem ain’t understand it. It doan make nuh kinda sense tuh dem and so it is business as usual.

I look at some o’ the beaches and see a whole lot o’ people bathing and enjoying duh selves. Duh ain’t have nuh kinda regards fuh the old traditions. As far as a lot o’ the younger people are concerned, it is bare tradition and a whole lot o’ things dat people make up and evahbody come along and believe.

Even the black and white mourning colours changing tuh be more colourful. Churches nowadays encouraging duh congregations tuh dress in more happy colours because, as duh say, Jesus ain’t pon the cross nuh more, niether is he dead in a tomb somewhere ’bout in Jerusalem, so why ya got tuh mourn?

Huh, this is the beautiful part if life – changes; when one generation comes along and completely change what the one before dem hold sacred and dear.

Before I close this week let me say a big congratulations to the young athletes who participated in the recently held CARIFTA Games in Curacao.

I didn’t get the chance tuh see all, just some o’ the swimming and running, but the teams came away with 12 medals – four golds, four silvers and four bronzes. Even though duh say it was the lowest medal haul in the last four years, we are very proud of you.

Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.