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Dads have better shot at getting custody

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

Dads have better shot at getting custody

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FATHERS WILL NO longer have to prove that the mother of their child is unfit in order to obtain custody.

Pointing out that Barbados’ laws were still biased towards mothers, legal consultant Faith Marshall-Harris said what would apply now was the best interest of the child.

“Right now a father has to prove that a mother is an unfit person in order to get custody,” she said. “Sometimes it is not that she is unfit, but that he may be able to offer something in the best interest of the child, without necessarily denigrating her character in any way.”

Marshall-Harris said more fathers were stepping up the plate.

“There are more fathers who want custody of their children, who feel they can do a better job than the mother. Unfortunately, our law is still biased towards mothers but the rule of thumb to be applied in anything to do with children is that it must be in the best interest of the child and not about whether it is his ego to be satisfied or hers.” (MB)