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DEAR CHRISTINE: In need of stove, refrigerator


DEAR CHRISTINE: In need of stove, refrigerator

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Dear Christine,

MY NAME IS MISS J. I am writing to you because I have seen the many lives you have touched when I read the newspapers. I hope you can touch my life and help me as well.

I am living with my family of three – my boyfriend and two well behaved children. Their ages are eight and ten.

I am looking to rent a house or an apartment. I don’t have any furniture at the moment so I would like the place to be furnished or semi-furnished. If you can help me get my own stove and refrigerator, and other appliances, I will be grateful.

Where I am living right now I am paying $1 100. The electricity bill comes in at around $100. I have to purchase my own gas and now the landlord wants me to pay my own water.

I feel it is unfair. Many days my boyfriend and I go hungry because we barely have enough to feed the children. Once my children eat, I am satisfied. The only time my family eats well is on Sundays and when some food is left over for Monday.

I am a hard worker and I work for a fair salary; my boyfriend as well. I need my children to be happy.

My son will sit the 11-Plus examination next year and I need him to be settled and at ease. I don’t want him to take on my stress.

I am asking you or any Good Samaritan out there to help a good, strong hard-working mother like me. All I want is to be happy.

I thank you, Christine, for reading my letter and I hope you and your helpers keep up the good work. God bless!


Dear Miss J,

Thanks for being a reader of our publications and for your kind words. I have gone ahead and published your article in the newspaper with the hope that some good Samaritan will read it and reach out to help.

I can see that you are not looking for handouts, based on the fact that you “work for a fair salary”, but at this time, I do understand your need for some assistance.

I have the contact numbers you have given me just in case anyone calls to offer help with finding a place.

I wish you success in your search and look forward to calling you with some good news.