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Mercer, Matthews show strength

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Mercer, Matthews show strength

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MICHAEL “MIKEY” MERCER topped the charts at the inaugural Strong Fest event to win the Strong Man title while Shari Matthews claimed the Strong Woman title.

Mercer, of Bassa Bassa Gym, seized the title with 70 points and Matthews, of Crossfit 246, destroyed the women’s competition with 114 points on the final day of competition at the Valley Fitness Gym in St George on Sunday evening.

The 285-pound calypsonian, who made his lifts look as easy as performing on stage on the first day of competition, won the squat, almost lifting twice his body weight with the highest weight of 515 pounds.

“I’ve done some training overseas as well so I was able to really open up my numbers to get a feel for what I really can do. I can comfortably say in my back squat, my bench press and my dead lift, I went nowhere near my maxes. I just did enough to get that top position.


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