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A lot resting on Bay Street hotel


A lot resting on Bay Street hotel

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THE NEW HOTEL being proposed for Bay Street in Bridgetown has the potential to be a great asset for the people and the economy of Barbados.

What we can and should learn from world-class cities like Barcelona (Spain) is that what is good for locals is also good for tourists, and vice versa.

The question that comes to mind, and one that I hope our politicians have adequately answered, is: do we have adequate infrastructure and facilities to support the new hotel?

The health of Barbadians and visitors alike could be endangered if the sewage treatment or medical facilities are not equipped for normal operations and extraordinary situations.

We should also be concerned about other infrastructure needed to support development, resources such as medical, fire, water and the environment. Even the aesthetic of new development is an important consideration in keeping both tourists and locals enchanted by the beauty of our country.

New development needs to support and enhance Bridgetown’s designation as a World Heritage Site.

If we fail to do an adequate job of preparing for development, we inhibit the private sector from fully thriving. Since tourists need to plan their Barbados vacation months or years in advance, we could easily reach a tipping point before the problem is apparent to policymakers.

Tourists who are disenchanted are very difficult and expensive to replace. We could lose the wonderful advertising we get from word of mouth.