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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband has an eye for young girls


DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband has an eye for young girls

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE BEEN married for 30 years and through all that time I have suffered anxiety because my husband always eyes young girls.

He does not make dates with them or anything like that, but he must go and talk to them when they are at the parties we go to. Even at the races he’ll soon find some young girl to talk to. It’s no different at the beach. My friends sometimes say “he likes the young girls”.

I feel embarrassed and I must admit a little anxious since I am not the girl he married. I have put on some weight, and although he says he loves me, he rarely buys me a gift. He is 56 years old.

– S.H.

Dear S.H.,

Please forgive me but your husband sounds like most men at 56. Naturally, there are exceptions, but very many of them retain an eye for the young, pretty girls until the day they die. They enjoy the harmless pleasure of winning a smile from the young ladies.

I am sure there is no cause for you to be anxious. Your husband will continue to love you as long as you cherish and spoil him a bit, as you no doubt did when he was in his early youth.

Don’t worry about your weight. Do something about it. Find a sensible diet, build confidence in your own looks and don’t be surprised if you find yourself being chatted up by some young man at the next party.