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Venezuelans in Barbados stage peaceful protest

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Venezuelans in Barbados stage peaceful protest

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VENEZUELANS living in Barbados joined hands with the rest of the world to show unity for their homeland. 

On Saturday morning at Accra Beach, scores of people with placards peacefully protested against the South American country’s current government and to bring awareness to the unrest there. 

They hope to see a separation of powers, no more dictatorship and no more repression.

They are also calling for a calendar for elections, a release of more than 100 political prisoners and a return of autonomy to the National Assembly as well as a humanitarian channel from abroad to ease the economic crisis.

Some motorists honked horns in a show of support as they handed put flyers to spread the word. 

The worldwide rally took place in over 80 cities. 

Venezuelans at home have been staging peaceful protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro. International news agency Reuters is reporting 29 have been killed to date. (TG