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Hyatt – a foreign exchange drain?


Hyatt – a foreign exchange drain?

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I HAVE BEEN following with great interest the debate regarding the construction of the Hyatt Hotel.

While David Comissiong is arguing that the permission process may not have been legal and that the hotel at that location may not be best for the environment, I note that others are arguing that the construction of the hotel at this time could do more good than harm – after all, we have done worse things, like cutting down trees to build other hotels and other mansions.

What I would like to put on the table, however, is something that I have not seen or heard so far in all the arguments – that is the foreign exchange which well no doubt be leaving the island for building materials for the hotel.

I would be happy for someone to put me right, but if Mark Maloney is building a hotel, aren’t we to assume that he would be using his own Rock Hard cement, which is imported from Turkey. That’s foreign exchange leaving the island, isn’t it?

Will Mr Maloney be man enough to use cement manufactured right here in Barbados to build his hotel and save the island much needed foreign exchange?

Isn’t that what Mr Comissiong and others should be talking about?

So let’s wait and see. Mr Comissiong, Mr Maloney, Mr Minister, what say you?