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Call for two more National Heroes


Call for two more National Heroes

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THE CARIBBEAN MOVEMENT for Peace and Integration is appealing for Israel Lovell and Nanny Grigg to be recognised as National Heroes.

Speaking during the Movement’s Labour Day activity to commemorate the leaders of the workers struggle in the 1930s at Golden Square, St Michael, general secretary of the movement David Denny said Israel Lovell played a leading role in the fight for workers.

“He was a leader and a Garveyite who led most of the working class struggles and held most of his public meetings at the Golden Square,” Denny said.

In addition, he also pointed out the Clement Payne monument needed to be maintained like other monuments in the island.

He said he was not happy with the condition it is in, especially because of the historic significance the monument and square. 

Along with members of the United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide, Denny and Bobby Clarke laid flowers at the Clement Payne monument. (SB)