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Tribute paid to Sarah Ann Gill


Tribute paid to Sarah Ann Gill

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THE MEMORY AND CONTRIBUTION of Barbados’ only female National Hero, Sarah Ann Gill, were celebrated with a wreath-laying ceremony at the St James Street Methodist Church in The City yesterday.

The ritual, conducted before the start of the service, was led by Reverend Anthony Sobers, while church member Peggy Griffith paid tribute to the late heroine who was also a stalwart in the Methodist Church beginning in 1820.

Griffith said Gill was at the forefront of an effort to convert the enslaved Africans to the Christian Gospel and Methodism, and preached that all people were brothers and sisters in Christ under the fatherhood of God.

“When women had no voice, Sarah Ann Gill stood up courageously for what she believed in and as a Christian, she rejoiced in her tribulation. She considered it a small price to pay in carrying God’s will to give liberty to the oppressed. The name Sarah was conferred on her by the Methodist Church in gratitude for her service and in recognition of the pivotal role she played in establishing Methodism in Barbados,” Griffith said. (RL)