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How to spot fake money

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

How to spot fake money

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WITH A REPORTED SURGE in counterfeit currency notes in circulation in Barbados, the public should be aware of certain characteristic features of legitimate notes issued by the Central Bank of Barbados.

In Monday’s DAILY NATION, public affairs officer at the bank, Novaline Brewster, said police were recording more fake notes in circulation.

She urged Barbadians to familiarise themselves with the features of the real notes so they could spot phony cash.

New notes were introduced on May 2, 2013, 40 years after Barbados last introduced new designs of its currency in 1973.

Following are five features to look for in the upgraded $20, $50 and $100 notes, according to information supplied by the Central Bank.

• Look for the watermark.Hold the note up to the lightand you will see the map of Barbados and the brighter electrotype image of the Pride of Barbados flower.

• Feel the note. The paperfeels coarse, not waxy or smooth.Feel the raised surface of the printed areas.

• Tilt the note. The security thread and the foil feature (found on the $50 and $100 note) reflect light.

• Check the note under UV light. The security thread fluorescent blue with yellow text and the wavesnear to the flying fish turn yellowand green.

• The currency has a see-through feature, which when held up to the light, shows the two halves of the portrait of the distinguished Barbadian figure fit to form a single image. (GC)