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DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant wife refuses to have sex


DEAR CHRISTINE: Pregnant wife refuses to have sex

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DEAR CHRISTINE, Keep up the good work you are doing. Personally, I would like to see when you could print a whole page instead of one or two letters at a time.

I have this problem with my wife. We are both in our 20s and used to have sex fairly regularly. Now that she is pregnant, she does not want to have sex anymore with me. She says that I like it too much.

Do you think that twice a week is too much for two healthy people? She also says that we must not do that now because she might lose the baby, and that the doctor told her that at three months, she must stop making love.

Could you please give me some light on the subject for her sake as well as mine? You see Christine, I don’t want to be unfaithful but I can see in some cases how a man becomes unfaithful because when he needs his spouse, she denies him. She is not sick mentally or physically.

– F

Dear F,

I think you should both go to the doctor together. A chat with him should fill you both in on what’s safe and what’s not. I am inclined to think that for the time being she’s turned off sex.

It does not mean that she does not care for you. It’s just that she is not in the mood. If you are too persistent or get angry, this will only make matters worse.

Try to be gentle and loving without making her feel she is going to have to end up in bed. Chances are with tenderness towards her, that is exactly where she will lead you.

I appreciate your problem and I am also glad to know that you are trying to find an answer rather than rush off with someone else. It’s going to call for some more restraint on your part, but cuddle and caress her.

Get her cheerful and relaxed and you might well have what you want. In many cases, sexual interest and responsiveness do increase somewhat at certain times during pregnancy, usually at the beginning and at the end.

Go and have that chat with a doctor, but go together.