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Baje brings mas’ to Life

RANDY BENNETT, [email protected]

Baje brings mas’ to Life

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BAJE INTERNATIONAL’S 2017 band launch last Saturday was met with mixed reactions from the large crowd that turned out at George Washington House.

While some patrons were excited about the costumes, others described the This Is The Life – themed launch as low-keyed compared with previous year’s launch.

If one thing can be said, though, it’s that the eight sections (Phoenix, Bennu, Anka, Raven, Huma, Garuda, Firebird and This Is The Life) offer revellers costumes with vibrant colours and bold patterns.

At 11:05 p.m. when the first set of models hit the stage, there wasn’t the expected buzz around the venue situated at the historic Garrison Savannah.

However, the crowd warmed up as the female models lit up the runway with their toned bodies, confident struts and sexual gyrations, much to the delight of the male patrons especially.

Among those models hitting the stage were Miss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris and Olympic swimmer Lani Cabrera.

“The costumes are the best I have seen so far out of all the band launches I have been to,” one female patron who attended the event told the WEEKEND BUZZ.

“I love the colours and the feathers, especially the head pieces. The Firebird section is definitely my favourite,” another woman added.

However, one woman complained that the costumes looked too similar.

“I like the colours, but to me most of the costumes look the same. The only way I was able to tell them apart was by the colours,” she said.

After the 45-minute presentation ended, partygoers partied into the morning to some of the hottest soca and calypso tracks of the year.

Frontline costumes start from $US850, while backline costumes range from $US330 to $US692. (RB)