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THERE IS NO NEED for so many old vehicles to be abandoned on the streets of Barbados.

Scrap Man Metal Recycling Plant can get rid of them in five minutes.

The Vaucluse, St Thomas company reported seeing an increase in the number of old vehicles coming to the plant to be recycled, since the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) announced a programme where bulky waste could be taken to Scrap Man Metal.

Operations manager Don Morris said the carshredder machine could chomp down on a vehicle in five minutes.

Pointing out that they were receiving as many as ten vehicles a week, Morris said they could handle a lot more.

In terms of the arrangement with the SSA, he said the Ministry of Health would place the “MOH” stamp an old vehicle indicating it had to be disposed of. The owner would be informed to take it to the recycling plant. If SSA had to remove the vehicle, then the owner would be charged the necessary fees.

“They bring it here and we place it in our car baler where it is crushed and flattened in five minutes,” Morris said, pointing out that the baler could accommodate two vehicles at a time.

In relation to the operations at Scrap Man, he explained: “For people to come in here and sell us anything, they are required to have photo identification, they must be paid by cheque and every day a report is sent to the police detailing who came in here and exactly what was sold to us.”

The company also recycles air-conditioning units, radiators, batteries, computers, kitchen sinks, aluminium windows and doors, and other metals.

It also has arrangements with companies which have metals as a waste product to collect and recycle.

Morris said they also export metal every day. (MB)