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Kick ‘em Jenny alert level reduced


Kick ‘em Jenny alert level reduced

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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – The alert level at the region’s only submarine volcano, Kick ‘em Jenny has been reduced due to no volcanic earthquakes since Friday.

According to the National Disaster Management agency (NaDMA) the alert level has been reduced to green. 

A green alert mean the volcano is quiescent, seismic and fumarolic (steam vent) activity are at or below the historical level at this volcano. No other unusual activity has been observed. 

The agency also says that following conversations with the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) at the University of the West Indies St Augustine campus, in Trinidad and Tobago, a decision was also made to reduce the exclusion zone around the summit of the submarine volcano from 5 km to 1.5 km.

“The most recent report from SRC indicates that during the period 2 a.m. on May 2 and 10 a.m. on May 5, there have been no volcanic earthquakes associated with the Kick ‘em Jenny volcano. This episode appears to be over. However, as noted in previous updates, the pattern of behaviour at the volcano has been changing and another episode of activity in the short-term should not be ruled out,” the release further said.

According to Ruth Roberts, Public Relations Officer at NaDMA the reduced alert goes into effect as of today. 

Kick ‘em Jenny is located between Grenada and the Grenadine island of Carriacou.

Between April 29 and May 5, the UWI Seismic Research Centre recorded more than 120 volcanic earthquakes.

The volcano last erupted in 2015. (CMC)