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No pressure for ‘Browne star’


No pressure for ‘Browne star’

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EMARI ‘BROWNE STAR’ BROWNE was under no pressure defending his crown when he came up against eight challengers in the Blackman and Gollop Primary School calypso competition last Saturday.

Eleven-year-old Browne held on to the monarchy with his rendition of Don’t Pressure Me, arranged and written by Chrystal Cummings-Beckles.

But at the end of the show, held at the school in Staple Grove, Christ church, everyone was a winner as each contestant brought along parents and friends to be part of the event that also attracted teachers and students.

Second place went to Elissa Callender-Springer, aka The Mighty Ballerina, with the song Building Character, while Markaila San-she Walcott copped third spot with Soft Drinks Sweet.

The nine aspiring talented pupils held their own as they were accompanied by a band of highly qualified musicians led by Randy Eastmond. They were happy to assist the youngsters in the competition conceptualised by recently retired teacher Jacqueline Sealy.

Ailing cultural activist Antoine “Brudda Daddy” Williams, who assisted in being emcee at the show each year, was not forgotten as a financial donation was collected for his cause.

All the contestants were supported and encouraged as they performed, despite some of them forgetting some of their lines. They however got back on track and were able to deliver their message.

Other contestants were Rynasha Pink Pearl Cumberbatch, Savir De Rock Browne, Summa Summa Sargeant, Malia Princess M Rock, Ashley Star Ashe Sealy and Gabrielle Gabrielle Lucas. (RL/JS)