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MR BLOOD ready to ‘up de ting’

NATANGA SMITH, [email protected]

MR BLOOD ready to ‘up de ting’

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DE BIG SHOW has gotten bigger this year.

Added to the roster of heavyweights of former monarchs and finalists in major competitions is veteran kaisoman MR BLOOD. He joins RPB, TC, Natahlee, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles, Serenader, Classic, Pompey, Marvay, Edwin, AC, iWeb, Adonijah, Grynner, Biggie Irie, Mistah Dale and his Soka Kartel partner Mikey.

Crop Over 2016 was a pretty good year for me. I had no major issues,” said MR BLOOD (Anderson Armstrong) who placed third in the Pic-O-De-Crop and second in the Party Monarch finals last year. “This year I am entering all the competitions so I will be performing throughout the season and judging with De Big Show.”

MR BLOOD had been a driving force in Headliners tent, which had announced earlier that it would not be pitching a tent for 2017. Based on the National Cultural Foundation’s rules, calypsonians must be attached to a tent to be judged for the Pic-O-De-Crop competition. 

MR BLOOD has been busy so far, making sure he crosses all the Is and dots all the Ts for Crop Over 2017, releasing his album on May Day.

“There are 36 songs on the album called In Alphabetical Order. We started working from as early as January and the process was pretty intense. We were determined to up de ting and from all reports we have accomplished our goals.

“This year I worked with 27 artistes on the album. They are offering some of everything – from bashment to danceable commentary, witty to serious pace and more. You will hear D2.5, Screwface, Chrissy D, Sherwin Straker, De Cameraman, Jimmy Dan, Devil, Classic and Sade, just to name a few. Also look out for a track by Nayasha Agard called Eat Um.”

MR BLOOD has also written for several artistes this year, among them B. Moore Specific, Amanda Auguste, Sim Simma and Kirk Browne.

With speculation over the future of Soka Kartel, he tells WEEKEND BUZZ: “Soka Kartel is Mikey and Blood first and foremost, and we already released a track together earlier this year called Gals And Liquor.

“However, you can keep your eyes and ears open for some interesting developments over the coming couple of weeks. (NS)