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Don’t let gays get our children


Don’t let gays get our children

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AMBROSE CARTER, stand firm in your convictions. Do not apologise to or allow yourself to be intimidated by the many homosexual activists and their sympathisers.

They typically shout their public relations propaganda, bumper sticker-like slogans and imprecise terms about hate, diversity, stigma, discrimination, bigotry and “homophobia” at anyone who dares not to speak support of their corrupt agenda, in the expectation that you will be silenced or at least forced on the defensive.

The brutal fact is that homosexual acts cannot bring about reproduction, so homosexuals seek to recruit.

What you are saying about them wishing to “homosexualise” our children is correct.

No loving, caring parents wish for their children to be instructed in or exposed to any “education” concerning the practice of homosexuality; it is a sexual practice that we prefer our children to not know about.

No parent wishes for his or her child to be homosexual; all parents view homosexuality in their children as undesirable.

But such a protective attitude towards our children infuriates homosexual activists, as it will make our children more difficult for them to recruit and indoctrinate. That is why they are trying to indoctrinate our children by stealth. We must not let them.

In spite of the many lies, intimidation and bullying by homosexual activists, the truth remains that homophobia is natural and normal; the practice of homosexuality is not.

What is natural and normal is self-evident. You do not need to coerce people in every country into believing that homosexuality is natural and normal. This coercion is the fascism of our age and it is being used by homosexual activists to gain acceptance.

But in promoting their lies and propaganda, homosexual activists selectively omit to inform young people of the overwhelming scientific and medical evidence that the practice of homosexuality is injurious to the human mind and body, that it is a form of self-destructive behaviour and that its practitioners are typically afflicted by mental health illnesses, suicide, premature death and astronomically high incidences of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS.

These are undeniable medical facts that homosexual activists cavalierly choose to ignore or obfuscate. But misery likes company. That is why they want our children.

We must protect our children.