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Halls of history

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Halls of history

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ST MARY’S GIRLS’ SCHOOL and Wesley Hall Boys’ School have become synonymous with the City and have left their indelible mark on many of the island’s citizens.

However, many pass their original buildings, oblivious of their importance or see them as eyesores and receptacles for garbage.

But one of the island’s noted historians and an authority on the City-scape, feels the two, as well as the imposing, former belle of a building, Marshall Hall, should at least be maintained in their present states if they cannot be restored to their former glory.

The original home of Wesley Hall Boys’ School is the church-like building was near the Tudor Street junction with Sobers Lane. It was built around 1890 to handle the excess boys from the original Wesley Hall (now known as Hurd’s Memorial) in James Street (opposite the James Street Methodist Church). (HLE)

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