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All Stars ready for festival season

JOHN SEALY, [email protected]

All Stars ready for festival season

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CAVE SHEPHERD ALL STARS is moving ahead with confidence this year as they try to keep the calypso crown on their heads.

Last year they copped the monarchy with Aziza who will be leading the other 14 calypsonians as the tent opens May 27 at Almond Resort in St Peter.

Tent manager Eleanor Rice said the tent had “established a pedigree among Barbados’ best tents and we value this acknowledgement greatly”. 

She was speaking at Cave Shepherd Broad Street, the home of the tent’s main sponsor, in the presence of her calypsonians and supporting sponsors. These are BIMAP, Golden Sands and TMR. 

Rice said the tent had already prepared itself for the season by having a number of interactions among members.

“This attention was not only focussed on the calypsonian but every facet that forms our presentations. Suffice it to say that the front of stage, back of stage and on stage were subject to comprehensive analysis and the appropriate attention is being directed towards our overall improvement this upcoming season and this will be come apparent in light of the initiatives instituted,” Rice noted.

Rice defended the social commentary element which she said might be elevated to the level of classics but there “are those genres which cause listeners convulsions with the shallow depth of lyrics and absence of creativity, but they get the level of airplay on our radio stations”. 

She castigated those businesses that did not contribute to sponsorship to the festival and thanked those businesses which “unequivocally demonstrate social responsiveness, and receive and give, for mutual benefit”. 

This year’s cast includes calypsonians Aziza, Colin Spencer, Kid Site, Ronnie De Announcer Clarke, Miguel, Donella, Shawnie, Fabee, Screwface, Niqa, Dija, Charisma, Hee Haw, Camera Man and Richard Antonio. (JS)