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Worker falls into gully at Bissex Hill


Worker falls into gully at Bissex Hill

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A 58-YEAR-OLD Ministry of Transport and Works employee is thanking God and his co-workers, after he fell while working along Bissex Hill, St Joseph this morning.

Eversley Rock, a worker of 22 years with the MTW, was de-bushing the area, when he fell over a gabion barrier and landed on his back at the bottom of a 13-foot gully.

He was rescued by his co-workers and then taken to the QEH by ambulance, complaining of pains to his back and head.

Speaking to NATION ONLINE from his Shorey Village, St Andrew home, Rock recalled: “I was cutting some river tamarind bush, and all of a sudden, I fell over and landed on my back. The workers came to my assistance and helped the ambulance men get me out and onto the stretcher.”

He further said: “Every time I think about it I does want to cry, cause it happened so fast. I am glad to be alive despite having headaches and pains in my back. I am thankful to still be here.” (RL)