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Four dead in Mexican prison riot


Four dead in Mexican prison riot

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TAMAULIPAS – A prison riot has left three police officers and one security guard dead and another six people injured on Tuesday in the city of Victoria in the drug gang-ravaged, border state of Tamaulipas, authorities said.

“That’s the hard data that we have so far,” said Luis Alberto Rodriguez, spokesman on security issues for Tamaulipas.

Television footage showed helicopters flying overhead and concerned family members gathered outside the prison, as heavy gunfire could be heard emanating from the compound.

The police operation was still underway to bring the situation under control.

“State police are still inside and federal forces are giving support from the outside,” said Rodriguez.

Turf wars between the rival Gulf Cartel and Zetas gangs have racked the state for years, and in recent years some of Mexico’s worst drug violence has hit Tamaulipas. (Reuters)