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There’s room for Bashment genre, says MRBLOOD


There’s room for Bashment genre, says MRBLOOD

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BASHMENT SOCA HAS lots of potential and should be developed.

That’s the view of entertainer and calypsonian MRBLOOD who said in an interview with WEEKEND BUZZ that while he would not enter the competition which has a winner-takes-all cash prize of $50 000, he has a concept for a bashment song that he is willing to give someone.

“I think it is a pretty good concept. I think the right person doing it will do wonders with the song . . . . I think that bashment soca can develop into something really good if the guys focus a little bit more on stories and topics outside of jooks and stabs.

“It is something Bajan rhythmically as well as the way it is performed. So, outside of that if they could come up with unique topics that can make it happen outside of the jooks and stabs, I think it would be something better.

“Doing that would not take away from the concept of Bashment Soca becaue I think they just call it bashment because of the style of music and the style of delivery but you can deliver a different type of topic and get people to move the same way if you are really creative. I think they have been really creative as far as painting particular pictures, but you can paint other pictures the same way and make it happen,” the versatile musician said.

He contends that with any song and any story, once it is “put across the right way it can work”.

“There is one out there that has a particular theme. I’m not going to call its name but it has a particular theme that does not call for gyration. It is just a particular theme with a good storyline in it that’s funny and borderline.”

This is the second year for the competition. Stiffy Star Quality, real name Shane Atkinson, won the inaugural content last year with the popular Tek Off Something. The competition was held before thousands of people at Kensington Oval.

This year’s competition will be held on July 7 at the same venue. (GBM)