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Round of 16 football starts today

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Round of 16 football starts today

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THE SECOND round of the BICO Primary Schools’ Football Competition kicks off today at Green’s, St George.

The Round of 16, which includes seven previous winners, will see teams vying against each other in a bid to make it to the quarter-final round.

In the opening game, St Gabriel’s will go up against St Giles, followed by the clash between Grantley Prescod and Deacons. Also to be played are All Saints versus Sharon, and St Martin’s Mangrove versus St George.

Tomorrow’s matches will pit Wilkie Cumberbatch against Blackman and Gollop, St Alban’s against Milton Lynch, Wesley Hall versus Gordon Greenidge, and St Jude’s against A. Dacosta Edwards at Orange Hill. (RA)