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Govt horsing around too much


Govt horsing around too much

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HERE WE GO AGAIN. Am I hearing, seeing or reading correctly? I had to refer to the Oxford Dictionary app on my phone for the word “sense”.

After reading last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION, I was amazed and at the same time quite alarmed at the headline: Obese Jockey Too Heavy For The Horse. How can a manager of a stable, whose responsibility it is to make sure the trainer, jockey, groom and job hand work in cohesion, use these words at this time?

I’m putting it mildly. If the boss was paying attention, any attention at all, there is no way that on the day of the biggest and most anticipated day in our little “paradise” (Financial Statement And Budgetary Proposals), that we would now find out from the “boss man” that the jockey is too heavy when the horses are already in the starting boxes.

Why was the trainer not suspended, transferred or fired for not looking after his charges, knowing that we could not afford to finance certain projects through the years? Some that came to mind were the Baobab Tower, Warrens Towers II, Barbados Water Authority headquarters and the sugar bond, to name a few.

I hope all parties listen to the former Prime Minister, use his expertise and advice and do what is best for the masses of this country.

I can, without fear or favour, openly state I voted for this administration in 2008 and again in 2013.

For me, I call a spade as I see it. Too many “fatuous” mistakes were made that should never have happened.

I am eagerly awaiting to see what happens to this little “rock”.