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MR BLOOD coming hot


MR BLOOD coming hot

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AN ENERGETIC MR BLOOD is looking forward to having a “fantastic” Crop Over.

“I’ll be hyping it up. I’ve got several songs out there and they’re getting some pretty good airplay right now. So, I’m hoping that as the season goes on they become more and more popular, people get into them and enjoy them the same way I’m enjoying them,” he said in a recent interview with WEEKEND BUZZ.

Without the worries of managing the now defunct Headliners calypso tent, he told WEEKEND BUZZ that he felt as though he was “twiddling my thumbs because I don’t have so much work to do”.

He is among the calypsonians and entertainers who are performing with De Big Show, which officially opens tomorrow at Sea Rocks Dome in Maxwell, Christ Church, for the entire season, and he is competing in Pic-O-De-Crop, Sweet Soca and Party Monarch again this year.

“I had decided that after last year I would have taken a break but there is a new kind of energy I’m feeling this year and I love a challenge. I did not even think that #Memo would have taken off so quickly but from the first day of the release, I was getting phone calls and reports about #Memo and everywhere I go, even in the line at the supermarket, somebody says ‘you ain’t get the memo’.

“That was written by Sir Don, we do have that sound together and I really do actually like the way he puts together a song as far as lyrics and melody are concerned, they really mesh well. It is a good song I think and, so far, so good. I have another one coming and I’m not going to tell you the name of it,” he said, laughing.

That song will be his other entry for Pic-O-De-Crop while for the Party Monarch contest, he is performing the Mikey-penned, Leggo, which has also been getting airplay. And he has “several ragga socas” to choose from for the Sweet Soca contest.

“I think I’m going to go with the one that I thought from the beginning was the one I should be using which is called Look For Me,” said the musician, who had been singing since he was a student at The Lodge School.

About his “newfound energy”, MR BLOOOD said it came about while working on the production of his new album.

“After starting to work on the productions and everybody was coming in, we moved from first draft to second to third to make sure that whatever was produced, whatever we settled on, whatever we finally decided on, was what made each person happy.

“I guarantee you that all of the songs on the album which is called In Alphabetical Order . . . each artiste is happy with their song. If it is a hit or it isn’t a hit we don’t know, but at least everybody is happy with their song. There are 36 songs and we have two bonus songs because the fast songs came a little late on the iCloud rhythm, so we’ve got Shake by Kirk Brown and Leggo by me,” he said.

Placing second to Lil Rick in the Party Monarch competition was his highlight of Crop Over 2016. He and his team thought that they could have won it but they knew Iz A Bajan would have been hard to beat. (GBM)