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Time right for hydro project


Time right for hydro project

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IN PAST TIMES in Barbados when government money was not so scarce, there was project oasis to help the unemployed boys and girls “on the block”.

But now in this economically turbulent time when entrepreneurship is needed most, why now not a hydro-ubiquitous project?

There’s more than enough Sea water, All around Barbados for the country to get a fishing entrepreneurship scheme implemented: with project oasis, land has to be rented or leased, but with a project hydro-ubiquitous, all the area would be free – the sea; to teach to swim and fish is easy and quick. It doesn’t take long to build small fishing boats; to do so is not really expensive.

boat builders would get jobs. because of the catastrophic rise in non-communicable diseases and sudden deaths, putting pressure on the national health care bill and productivity, the citizens (most) are now eating healthier, with fish. and what about a Caribbean Development Bank loan?

If it is compared and contrasted, a project hydro-ubiquitous would be less expensive, more productive and healthier per capita and to the nation, on the whole than oasis.

So lady Stella St John and project hydro-ubiquitous are right for Barbados