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BWU summons public workers to meeting


BWU summons public workers to meeting

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THE BARBADOS WORKERS’ UNION (BWU) is summoning all public workers to a meeting on Tuesday evening at 3 p.m. at Solidarity House.

According to a media release, the meeting will provide them with the opportunity to “register their concerns and to agree to a mandate, especially as it relates to the protracted salary negotiations for public sector workers”.

At the meeting, the BWU intends to formulate “a coherent and unequivocal response”.

“The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’ Union has noted the calls by sister union, the National Union of Public Workers, but is especially eager to assure that whatever steps, which may be regarded as necessary during the coming days and weeks, will have the strong and unswerving support of its constituents,” the release stated.

“The BWU assures its members and the wider public of its commitment to taking any, and all, necessary action to advance the cause of all workers and their families.”

General Secretary Toni Moore will chair the meeting. (PR/SAT)