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Missing dad on Father’s Day


Missing dad on Father’s Day

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LOVE MINGLED WITH SADNESS yesterday for teenager Shakur Lowe.

While other sons and daughters were honouring their fathers in life, the 14-year-old honoured his dad in death.

It was Shakur’s first Father’s Day without dad Robert Hollingsworth, who died in an accident along Arch Hall Road, St Thomas, on the Ronald Mapp Highway, on January 28.

He visited the scene where his father drew his last breath after the motorbike accident.

“My dad was everything to me, so I came today to pay my respects to him. I miss him,” Shakur said.

He was accompanied by Hollingsworth’s long-time friend and schoolmate Keisha Williams. The two journeyed to Westbury Cemetery and placed a balloon there. (RL)