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Smelly for shore

LISA KING, [email protected]

Smelly for shore

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BEACHGOERS are hoping that the Sargassum Seaweed, now showing up along the shores of Barbados, will not reach the magnitude of past years.

The seaweed left many of the island’s beaches on the East and South Coasts in a mess, which resulted in discomfort to beach users.

Concern was raised about the seaweed after it surfaced at Rockley Beach, Christ Church, over the weekend.

Timothy Harding, who works at Tiki Beach Bar at Rockley Beach with rental chairs, was not unduly worried.

He said, however, if the matter escalated, people would not come out to the beach.

“We cannot put down the chairs and it will be rough. Sometimes the tide would take it out but that can take at least three days sometimes for it to wash back out,” he said.

A woman from Warrens, St Michael who declined to give her name on Sunday said she was collecting the seaweed from Rockley Beach to use as fertiliser. (Picture by Ricardo Leacock)










Harding said the chair renters were mostly responsible for cleaning the beach because they did not see anyone from the National Conservation Commission on a regular basis.

He added that the seaweed had been washing in for about a month in small amounts but it was now increasing on a daily basis.

“It may be worse than 2015. I would not like that but I am beginning to see too much seaweed every week.”

Two visitors from Trinidad said the seaweed was no bother to them, however. They were more focused on enjoying a sea bath. (LK)