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Lashley tells region to look to Barbados


Lashley tells region to look to Barbados

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REGIONAL CULTURAL DIRECTORS have been encouraged to examine Barbados’ legislation on the development of cultural industries.

This suggestion came from Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who spoke at the 25th meeting of the Regional Cultural Committee in Georgetown, Guyana.

While addressing the region’s various Directors of Culture, Minister Lashley referred to the Cultural Industries Development Act, and urged those gathered to carefully “look at this pioneering piece of legislation as a possible template for wider application”.

He said Barbados would be “extremely happy” to share the knowledge and experience in realising the milestones related to the legislation.

“As you may know, strengthening the creative economy is high on the development agenda of Barbados. I wish to refer in this regard to Barbados’ 2015 Cultural Industries Development Act… This has enshrined in law, for the first time, a robust system of incentives for the sector and established the Cultural Industries Development Authority, as a dedicated institution to support the creative community,” the Culture Minister said.

He explained that it was critical for there to be a refocusing of economic policies across CARICOM in order to divert financing from some traditional sectors into the cultural industries, which have the potential to “solve our challenges”.

While he invited the attendees to consider Barbados’ progress in the creation of legislation, he also underscored the need for the region’s players to learn from each other.

“I encourage you to use this forum of the Regional Cultural Committee to share best practices, learn from each other and translate this knowledge into action in your respective countries, and to do this for the greater good of the creative sector,” he urged. (BGIS)