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Impressive handwriting from pupils

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Impressive handwriting from pupils

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THE FUTURE MAY be digital, but handwriting still matters.

That point has been made by Reverend Cassandra Bowen who, through the Isaiah 55 Centre For Spiritual and Development Training, hosted a handwriting competition that saw 75 entrants from 15 primary schools

“The initiative behind the handwriting competition is to get children to write legibly in this age of technology where everybody is on a tablet,” Bowen said.

There were three age groups: 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11.

The winner in the 6-7 was Akanni Charles of Bay Primary School; Micah Moore, from the same school, won the 8-9, while Anna-Maria DaSilva of St Winifred’s was the winner of the 10-11 group.

Bowen said while all the handwriting was good, she was most impressed with the 6-7 children. (AD)