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This time we are in a 12-foot hole


This time we are in a 12-foot hole

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“YOU LIVES AND YOU LEARNS,” some wise person once said. Well, I learnt from the SUNDAY SUN of June 25, on Page 7A, that Mr David Gill is vaticinator, meaning a prophet.

According to the report, he opined that the (parliamentary) Opposition failed in the recent Budget debate since it did not offer an alternative.

Wow! With the general elections up to ten months away, he wanted the Opposition to speak to solutions appropriate for that time.

Indeed, Mr Gill must know what other failed responses would be instituted by the Minister of Finance between then and now.

Well, my dear prophet, if you know well what will be the state of the country’s economy at that time, yours is the voice the Government is often begging for – “tell us what to do different”.

The former elected one-term parliamentarian’s observations seemed more akin to a vaudeville act where one such description is: a light often comic theatrical piece frequently combining pantomime, dialogue, dancing and song.

Of course, he might fit right in to the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) strategies, for at times we have to wonder if this Government’s performance on the stage is similar.

It is clear that whatever the outcome of the next elections, the winner will have to turn to an international financial institution for help. Perhaps the vaticinator can tell us, even now, who will win.

Once upon a time the Erskine Sandiford administration dug a financial hole six feet deep. This Freundel Stuart Government has dug a 12-foot hole. Lord have mercy!