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Fraudsters and thieves are worse


Fraudsters and thieves are worse

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THERE HAS RECENTLY BEEN a proposal to register sex offenders in Barbados.

But what of fraud and theft offenders? They are more dangerous. Sexual predators can be traced in today’s world, electronically and with GPRS.

They also only use their loins and violate the private part of the body. But though such is bad and I am not condoning it, fraudsters and thieves (white collar) extract the very much needed money for general and enhanced survival in today’s cash-strapped Barbados.

Sex predators in some countries are castrated to cease the criminal activity. But one cannot stop the fraudulent and stealing mind from working, in illegally duping and taking people’s life savings and assets.

More attention, in this regard needs to be placed on those (small and big) who are “carrying away” people’s money, in this financially rough time and for always and they need to be registered or exposed too!