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Wastewater system weathers heavy rains


Wastewater system weathers heavy rains

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HEAVY RAINFALL over the last few days has not affected operations at the Barbados Waster Authority’s (BWA) Wastewater Division.

Manager of the Division, Patricia Inniss said while there had been increased levels of water in the system, this had been kept in check by increasing the pumping capacities at the South Coast and Bridgetown Sewage Plants and at the lift stations.

“The heavy rains which occurred in Barbados from Monday, June 26 through to Wednesday June 28 and caused flooding in low lying areas throughout the island, did not overburden the capacity of the sewage networks to cause overflowing of the manholes as has occurred in the past,” Inniss said.

However, the Division head was concerned with the increased levels of water in the Graeme Hall Swamp and its canal. She acknowledged some property owners in the area experienced flooding and expressed concern as well.

Residents in the Graeme Hall area experienced flooding and received assistance from the BWA.










“The Wastewater Division has been making every effort to avert the possibility of flood waters overwhelming the sewage system and the opening of the sluice gate on Wednesday, which is under the control of the Drainage Division of the Ministry of Environment and Drainage allowed waters to drain from the Swamp area, via the swamp canal, to the sea and this led to the discoloration of the Worthing Beach for most of yesterday.”

She stressed that the swamp water entering the sea was full of tannin or dissolved, decayed organic matter which gives the water a brown colour. Tannin is not usually a health risk but tends to alarm Barbadians and visitors witnessing it.

The Drainage Division is aware of the concerns and it is anticipated that it will take the necessary actions to address these concerns. (PR/SAT)