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Fadda Fox wakes up the crowd

TONI YARDE, [email protected]

Fadda Fox wakes up the crowd

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THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE COMPLAINT about sleep deprivation from the hundreds of patrons who converged at Kendall Sporting, St Philip, to be “awakened” Sunday morning.

From 5 a.m. to 1 p.m., party animals were wide awake and full of energy as they feted and sweated to the latest Crop Over songs. 

Awaken, billed by promoters Brewsters Road Crew as “the ultimate all-inclusive breakfast”, served up a buffet of food, fete and fun.

It was during an already dynamic performance by Fadda Fox that he took his set to another level by bringing St Lucian Motto and Vincentian Problem Child on the stage to do their hit song Bend Dong.(TTY