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Birthday girl Una turns 100

LISA KING, [email protected]

Birthday girl Una turns 100

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UNA ELSIE IFILL reached her 100th birthday yesterday and attributed her long life to praising God.

“I try my best to put God in front to guide me and to protect me and to direct me in the right way until the time is up,” Ifill, better known as Sylvie, said during a visit from Acting Governor General Sir Philip Greaves at her Battaleys, St Peter home.

Ifill, who her family said was always singing, rested her hands on Sir Philip’s knee and sang parts of Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling.

Sir Philip was making his first visit to a centenarian since he was sworn in last Saturday following the retirement of Sir Elliott Belgrave. He also acted as Governor General two years ago.

Ifill, a member of the Church of God, grew up in Fustic Village, St Lucy, before moving to Battaleys when she was a child. The former labourer has four children, one of whom is deceased, six grandchildren and six great-grands.

Daughter Violet Ifill, who came in from Philadelphia for the special occasion, described the centenarian as a very wonderful mother who worked hard to take care of her children and also helped her siblings who were not as fortunate as she was.

Ifill has two sisters, Miriam and Lillian, who are in their 90s. A brother died at 96.

Relatives said she has no major medical challenges besides declining hearing, and still had a hearty appetite, with her favourite meal being rice and peas and baked chicken.

Several church friends and students from the nearby Roland Edwards Primary School joined in the celebration. (LK)