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Sir Elliott the people’s GG


Sir Elliott the people’s GG

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HIS EXCELLENCY Sir Elliott Belgrave, a man excellent in goodness, has retired from his high office as Her Majesty’s viceroy or representative in the kingdom of Barbados. He has served his people well.

He is a creature of the Barbadian natural morphology.

Prime Minister Errol Barrow used to say that Elliott Belgrave, as he then was, was a true exemplar of the northern realms of Barbados. He is a true measure of his being! Errol Barrow referred to him as a “rough diamond” hewn from the matrix of Mother Africa!

Sir Elliott Belgrave is the Prince of Boscobel, who has had to circle many afflictions before he reached the seat of Government House, as the people’s Governor General.

But, having arrived, the excellence of his character manifested itself in his passion to spend official time with the aged and the children who reminded him of his days in Boscobel, and his wise and far-seeing father.

Out of the craggy hills of the northern climes came Sir Elliott, a scholar, a barrister-at-law, a judge, a knight, and a viceroy. Not bad.

As you retire, I entreat you, Sir Elliott, to stand not upon ceremony, nor upon the order of your going. But go with the gratitude and commendation of a grateful nation.

Hail, Sir Elliott! when day is done, and night befalls, a grateful nation shall say: “We know him well; a man excellent in goodness!”

Fare thee well, Sir Elliott, and as you journey with Lady Belgrave into the autumnal season of your Aeneid, my salutation to you both will always be “vaya con dios!”